Nay Band Village

Nay band village ( tabas)

Nay band village1 500x300 - Nay Band Village

This village is located in the Lut Desert and has a unique architecture. All houses are very close in which the roofs of lower houses are used as the yard of the houses which have been built above other houses.

Nay band village3 500x300 - Nay Band Village

According to a population census, 145 families live in this village who are 484 in total. People of Nay Band village are engaged in farming and animal husbandry because of subterranean canals, known as “qanat” in Persian, and sprigs. Although the population of this village has decreased, there are building constructions, showing the expansion of Nay Band village.

Nay band village5 500x300 - Nay Band Village
Nay band village6 500x300 - Nay Band Village

The village of Nayband is one of the examples of staircase architecture and is named Masouleh Desert. The village looks like a green island among the desert, and it has an amazing effect.

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