CIP in iran

CIP Services in Iran

There are many new welcoming complex CIP and VIP Services in Iran for business travelers to make your visit to Iran as proficient and easy as possible.

We are fully aware of your work importance and will do our best to prepare all needed services for your comfort. These services are for saving your time and giving a special environment for getting to first base at the time of making it in Iran We will accompany you right at disembarking and you will be brought to CIP complex accompanied with our best staff. All formalities and customs affairs will be handled carefully. With the most efficient manner, you will have time to meet with Iranian colleagues in CIP and VIP Services in Iran beautiful complex complete with conference rooms and lounges.

These services are available at Tehran, Shiraz, Kish, Mashad, Tabriz, Rasht, Ahwaz and Isfahan airports. Every other special welcoming and provision of especial programs can be arranged based on your request. for making any inquiry, we will be at your service.

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