Iran mountain climbing

3 highest Iran Mountains


Mount Damavand

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On top of the list of top Iran Mountains is definitely Mount Damavand (5610m). As Iran’s highest summit and Asia’s highest volcano, this magnificent mountain has been on the bucket list of every Iranian trekker. Located in the north of Iran, this mountain is a potentially active volcano with a lot of hot springs on its southern face. The conical shape of Mount Damavand reminds you of Japan’s Mount Fuji.

Looking for experiencing a great trek on a +5000 summit? Then Damavand is a great choice! The reason is that it has routes that are ascendible with an average technical level. Plus, the unique nature of Damavand and the different shelters and facilities there make it one of the most fascinating summits in Iran. You can reach Damavand summit from three faces: southern, northern, and northeastern.

Altitude: 5610 meters

Province: Mazandaran

Mountain Range: Alborz

Summit Routes: southern face, northern face, and northeastern face

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Alam Kuh

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Alam Kuh, Iran’s second highest mountain (4850m), is in the middle of a picturesque region in northern Iran: Tekht-e Soleyman. On the northern face of Alam Kuh, there is a massive big wall that includes the country’s most technical and difficult rock climbing routes. This wall has won Alam Kuh the title of the K2 of Iran among climbers.

The existence of a variety of routes on Alam Kuh has turned it into a great trekking and wall climbing destination for mountaineers of various tastes and capabilities. So, Alam’s ascent routes are of two kinds: trekking routes, and rock climbing routes. Rock climbers may pick the big wall or flank routes. And trekkers can choose between Hesarchal and Siahsang routes of this top iran mountain. The scenic Hesarchal, which is in fact the southern face route, is the least challenging one for conquering Alam. The more difficult Siahsang route is in fact one of Iran’s most challenging trekking routes. The high scrambling requirement makes this route only suitable for mountaineers of high expertise. Find a climbing guide for these routes at Hesarchal Route Trekking Guide, and Siah Sang Route Trekking Guide.

Altitude: 4850 meters

Province: Mazandaran

Mountain Range: Alborz

Summit Routes: Southern face (Hesarchal), Northern face (Siah Sang), the Northern Big Wall, the German Ridge

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Mount Sabalan

Mount Sabalan 500x300 - Iran mountain climbing

The attractive Mount Sabalan (4811m), Iran’s third highest mountain after Damavand and Alam Kuh, lies in northwest Iran. Sabalan is a semi-active volcano that features an adorable lake on its highest peak, Soltan Peak. This lake is frozen over during the major part of the year. Sabalan’s beautiful nature and the multiple hot springs on its foot make this top Iran mountain not only a perfect trekking destination, but also a great place for other sports and pleasures. To ascend Sabalan, you can choose from its 3 main routes: 1. The southern face route. 2. The western face route. 3. The northeastern route. The northeastern route is the most common route for conquering Mount Sabalan. Also, for your first ascent, you’d better pick the northeastern route. Because this route is easily distinguishable. You may also get a ride to the shelter on a 4WD.

Altitude: 4811 meters

Province: Ardabil

Mountain Range: Alborz

Summit Routes: Southern face, Western face, the Northeastern face

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