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this village lies 62 km. southwest of Tabriz and 22 km. south of Oskoo. From the architectural point of views this village is interesting, as the settlements are rocky dating back to the 7th century AH. or even the pre-Islamic period. These ‘houses’ resemble caves, being ‘dug out’ in the mountains and therefore are reputed worldwide. Mineral water in this area is also used for treatment of diseases. There are various other interesting villages in the province having specific architectural features.

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In the seventh century AH after the invasion of the Mongols to Iran, people in the village of Hillehvar, a village located 2 km from Kandovan, sheltered the slopes of Mount Sahand, and later in these places derived from the activities of the Sahand Mountain volcanoes,they created holes and settled there, and perhaps the reason for the name of this village is as follows: Kandojan: Kand, that is, the village and the Jan, that is, self, which means the concept of self-protection, Since the Mongol invasion, so far, about 117 households of 800 people still live in the cave as their ancestors, distinguishing it from two rocky villages in the world Cappadocia and Dakota. It makes it worthwhile to see, because the other two rocky villages of the world, the Cappadocia in Turkey and Dakota in the US, are left uninhabited, and that’s why you’ll miss this unique attraction.

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These cone-shaped rocky ridges, which look like honey beehives, and sometimes they are 40 meters high, are two or three floors, and on the contrary, beyond the imagination of tourists, the houses having a bath, a cupboard, kitchen and living room, and two mosques, this architecture Unparalleled rock, which somehow represents the scene of a human struggle with nature, is unique. Sometimes the kindly people of the Kandovan provide a room for tourists to have a night in the heart of the beautiful Sahand Mountain, an active volcano that is now renowned for being silent, and it’s pristine nature is far from the excitement of the world. Of course, in this village the four-star hotel Laleh, also has been built to provide the best value for hosting the tourists.

One of the most important souvenirs of this village is honey and other products of this village include walnuts, herbs and almonds. And it’s therapeutic mineral water, especially for kidney diseases, which makes no tourist leave empty. It is also herbal remedies, fresh and dry fruits of types, and handicrafts and dolls,Jajim, and colorful scarves, which are the achievements of women of this country, and their economy is being made by the tourists.

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