Iranian currency information for travelers

Iranian currency information for travelers

Iran Currency

Iranian Rial

Iranian currency name is rial. Iranian banknotes all have their values written on them in Iranian rial. . But, Iranian people use a different one in their everyday transactions.  but using another currency besides that is a common practice amongst Iranians.


Rials or Tomans? A matter of confusion.
By the time you arrive in Iran you come up with the question that what is Iran Currency? The price labels are in Rial while the people talk about prices in Toman. The fact is that Iran’s official currency is Rial. However, you will see and hear Toman a lot more commonly in the country.
Toman is one tenth of a Rial. So, when purchasing, if someone quotes 55000 Toman (or 55 Toman), it works out to be 550,000 Rial.
Most prices written on the items in the bazaars, stores, or restaurants are in Toman but to avoid mistakes, always double-check the price to make sure whether it is Rial or Toman.


Bring Cash
Bring cash in enough US dollars or euro or UK Pound for the duration of your trip. These currencies are most preferred in Iran’s banks or the private exchange offices named Sarāfi. You cannot use visa or Master card or to withdraw any cash from ATM machines due to the sanctions on banks of Iran. Whichever currency you choose, the most important thing to remember is to bring as much cash as you’re likely to need, even a bit more.


Changing Money
Changing money is possible in all Iranian banks; however, it would take considerably shorter time to do it through official money-exchange offices (Sarāfi) in the cities or even at your hotel, with a taxi driver or in the jewelry section of the bazaar where the whole deal is done in seconds. The Sarāfi offices offer you a better rate of exchange compare to the banks and you can find Sarāfis at the airports, large cities, and tourist centers.


Tehran Money Exchange

The Ferdosi St. in Tehran is the center of money exchange shops. They exchange your currency for the daily announced value which is far more than the government price. Also, there are many shops of this kind all over the city. You can google them based on your residence location.


Isfahan Money Exchange

Like Tehran, it is possible to exchange money almost everywhere in Isfahan. But, Sepah St. maybe an easy-to-reach location. It is near Naqshe-Jahan Square that you surely pay a visit there through your itinerary.


Shiraz Money Exchange

Besides the airport exchange shop, Zand St. near Shohada Square is also where several exchange shops are located.


Yazd Money Exchange

Imam Khomeini St. and near Yazd’s Fire Temple are two money exchange centers.


Tabriz Money Exchange

Tabriz Grand Bazaar is not just a place for buying precious carpets. One of its sub-bazaars, Amir Bazaar, is the center of money exchange in this city. The exchange shops are centered there.


Kashan Money Exchange

Kashan is not that big city. There are numerable exchange shops that most of them are near Kashan old bazaar.

You can check out the most updated Iranian Rila rates in


Iran Tourist Card

Iranian people widely use the local debit cards and are less willing to carry cash around. But, tourists visiting Iran can’t use their credit cards or withdraw money from ATMs in Iran, and carrying a large amount of cash is their concern. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: “Iran tourist Card.” Accordingly, you can easily apply for an Iran tourist card online and have an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for temporary visitors and tourists.

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