Best Iran boutique hotels

Iran has a rich history and offers tourists a glimpse into the diverse past of Asia . Bazaars, mosques, and fascinating Persian  archaeological sites are always a hive of activity and visitors revel in the magnificent colours and traditions surrounding these monumental spaces. A boutique hotel is often a small, intimate accommodation with a trendy design and a personal touch. Iran Boutique hotels have a distinct personality that sets it apart from other hotel chains. It stays loyal to its roots by providing excellent and ultra-personalized service to visitors and is often located in a stylish metropolitan setting.

The above definition was tempting enough, but still yet to come. When it comes to Iran boutique hotels, you will be expected something special as well; the Iran boutique hotel owners usually decorate and furnish the hotel tastefully based on Persian traditional element that comes with modern decorations.

Let’s go through some of the best boutique hotels in Iran. Gathering all Iran’s interesting items including culture, Persian tradition, local food, architecture and etc at the same location is amazing enough to persuade us to stay in Iran’s boutique hotels at least for one night.

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