Nezamiyeh boutique hotel

Name: Nezamiyeh boutique hotel

Star: Boutique Hotel

City: Tehran



Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Tehran, in Baharestan District which is known as Nations’ house due to hosting Parliament building from 1906 till 1979.
This whole district was surrounded by two vast gardens and Nezamiyeh garden was one of them. The chancellor of Naser al-Din Shah known as Mirza Agha Khan Nouri built this garden for his son, Mirza Kazem Khan Nizam al-Mulk, and this garden was named after him. The garden was a collection of buildings among trees and streams of cold water running through all the places at Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel.
About 90 Years ago this large garden was divided into more than 200 pieces of land and one of them was purchased by Kazem Khan Fattahi Noori, who was chief of protocol in the German embassy for almost 50 years. Kazem Khan was living here with his wife and beloved daughter Alam Taaj, leaving so many memories inside every single brick of the house. Since March 2017 this building was delivered to the private-sector operator, Man Malek Tejarat, for restoration to turn it into a boutique hotel called Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel.



All the rooms in Nezamiyeh Hotel are equipped with a world-class standard and designed with a very modern concept combined with Iranian taste to provide a very caring, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for guests to experience a very unique stay in an almost a century-old building with a stunning elegant Pahlavi-Qajar Architecture.



Address:No.21, 5th DE, Esalat Aly, Nezamiyeh Ave, Baharestan SQ, Tehran.

Tel: 00982188106700

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