Shiraz-Shirazi House

Name: Shirazi House

Star: Traditional Boutique Hotel

City: Shiraz



Shirazi house is located in DarbShazdeh neighborhood which is 100 meters the northeast of Vakil Bazaar. It is estimated that the house is over 200 years old. This building which was partially ruined was bought by Mr. Hamidreza Jahanbekam in 2015, and it was restored by experts and masters for about 30 months with a minimum of changes in plan or different parts.

Shirazi House Boutique Hotel has 4 rooms (capacity for 10 guests) which all of them are equipped with a private bathroom and shower. Hall of Mirrors, Basement and Lobby are its other parts.

MOGHARNAS: This suite is upstairs. There are two rooms (double + twin bedrooms)  in this suite which one of them has colorful sash windows, and its wooden ceiling has been decorated with a flower-and-bird painting by using oil painting techniques. Another room has ornamentally vaulted shelves (MOGHARNAS) and plaster string course (GHATAR BANDI), and a three-door squinch with strapwork tiles separates this from the central courtyard. TORANJ: This double room is upstairs too and is decorated with a wooden ceiling, several niches, and sash doors. TARAB and SAMAE (double room) are downstairs with brickwork decoration.

Dais (Hall of Mirrors)

In the northern part of the building, squinches are two floors. The dais of the building is located in the northern part which has been decorated by mirror work and subtle plasterwork of flowers and birds on its walls. The wooden ceiling of the dais contains flower-and-bird paintings with a golden margin, and the light passes through its colorful glass into the dais.


Shirazi house has a basement that is extended to its northern and western parts, and it has two residential areas, piscine, and Jacuzzi (which has been designed and operated based on the existence of warm-water reservoirs of a bath in traditional bathrooms). The piscine and the room next to it serve as an exhibition with old pictures of Fars and give guests the chance to visit them. The existence of painted Tong Bori (a kind of plasterwork) in the margins of the piscine adds to its beauty.


Address: No. 5, No. 30th Alley (Seyed Zolfaghar Alley), Teymoori St., Shiraz, Iran

Tel: +987132220190, +987132220192, +989175000753

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