Razzaz boutique hotel

Name: Razzaz boutique hotel

Star: Boutique Hotel

City: Tehran



Razzaz Boutique Hotel is a 1300 square meter building in a 650 square meter land, which has 22 rooms in 2 sections, exterior and interior, central courtyard and pool, roof terrace, sunken courtyard, vestibule, corridor, water reservoir, springhouse, and other elements of upscale buildings. It has 46 beds, which means the residents will have enough space to relax and keep their privacy.

The unique ambiance of Razzaz Boutique Hotel, and the comfort and safety it offers, as well as its convenient location in the heart of Tehran, are the major attractions of staying there.

In the interior section, the most exclusive features of upscale buildings can be seen. This part has 12 rooms on 2 floors, a corridor, a vestibule, a sunken courtyard with an octagonal pool, a large pool house, a water reservoir, and two beautiful porches.

The decoration in both sections of the house is completed based on the authentic interior design of Iranian houses and includes plaster molding, patina, mirror work, hand-made tile work, and bricks. This combination has made “Razzaz Boutique Hotel” the only in its type in Iran.


Website: www.razzaz-boutiquehotel.com

Address: No 38, Javidi, Amir Kabir St., Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 3683 3904

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