Saryazd Castle

Saryazd Castle

Saryazd is one of the most historical and touristic villages of Yazd province. The last rest stop before reaching the Yazd on the famous silk road Where was considered as an entrance gate of the region and means ‘head of Yazd’.

Saryazd is located five Km from Mehriz town and forty Km from the city of Yazd.

The village has some fabulous and impressive pre-Islamic and Islamic monuments, including a collection of old buildings, a citadel, two caravansaries, a fine reservoir and so on.

the Saryazd Citadel with its unique architecture is one of the massive and most elaborate defensive citadels in the central desert of Iran. Primarily it was constructed during Sassanid Dynasty (the 3th_ 7th century).

Since this village situated en route of different caravans which traveled by silk road, the citadel was built in order to save villager’s assets against the threat of bandits and invasions. Consequently, each chamber belonged to a family to store and shelter grains, cereals, coins, gold, and other valuable objects. Therefore, Saryazd citadel is known as one of the oldest and giant safety deposit boxes in Iran and the World.

The Saryazd Citadel has three floors and more than 400 chambers, which made of clay and mud. The Citadel has concentric walls with impregnable high towers that are surrounded by a moat.

In addition, this old village has a breathtaking view of the desert. Tourists can enjoy walking through eye-catching narrow alleys and use some provided touristic and entertainment facilities as well.

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