Saffron Tour (13 Days)

Saffron Tour

13 Days & 12 Nights

(season sep-oct-nov)


Day 1. Mashhad
Meet & assist transfer to hotel at night visiting shrine of imam reza 8th imam of shiaa .O/N

Day 2. Mashad/neyshabour/mashad

After breakfast excursion to neyshabour visiting attar and khayam tombs then neyshabour museum and finally shopping turquoise in bazar back to mashad.O/N 

Day 3. Mashad/Torbat jam/Nashtifan

After breakfast drive to Torbat-e jam 167 km . when we reach to the city first we will visit Sheikh Ahmade Jām Khaneghah and Mausoleum Complex (Mazare Jām)he  was one of the great Iranian Sufis in the second half of the forth and first half of the fifth century AH. The presence of sheikh and his descendants played a major role in the development of the region, particularly Maˈd Ābād village and its turning into Torbat-e Jām town. Here he built a Khaneghah for teaching and preaching to his followers so that the village became a venue for pilgrims and devotees, which caused its flourishing. The respect for his Gnostic personality led to the construction of more buildings at his shrine and the extension of this Khaneghah regarding its beauty, magnificence and greatness. After training many disciples and attaining the highest mystical and divine authority he passed away in the year 536 AH.The tomb complex of Sheikh Ahmad Jām, which is the result of developments in various historical periods, includes numerous works from the Seljuk, Al-Kurt, Timurid, Safavid, and Qajar periods. In this shrine, architectural elements are formed around a large central courtyard. The most important and magnificent architectural spaces of the site have been constructed adjacent to Sheikh Jām’s tomb including a dome, a porch, a mosque of Kermani, a white dome and a green dome, a porch, a mosque, Jāme mosque, open mosque (summer and winter), water storage, Madras (school), entrance hall. Then we will visit

Rabat-e-Jam which the architectural structure built during Timurid era and has a four-story plan . we will listen to Dotar playing by Maestro Hussein Daman pak and learn how he make this musical instrument .Dotar is one of the oldest instruments of Iranian music, and one of the most important stringed instruments – folkloric wounds of rural and urban communities in the country registered in unesco list  lunch after lunch drive to saffron farm to visit how saffron plant  and then continue to nashtifan , Visit Karaat tower, en route to Nashtifan, the city of windmills. Visit the unique Nashtifan Windmills, the vertical-axis windmills dating back to ancient Persia grinding flour by green energy. Enjoy an exclusive mini-concert and Khorasani Dance Performance (Choub Bazi) at night. Spend the night in a cozy traditional house in Nashtifan. O/N in Traditional House in Nashtifan

Day 4. Nashtifan/Birjand

In the morning, head toward Zuzan, to visit Zuzan Mosque, a huge two-Iwan mosque built before Mongol Invasion in 1219. Visit a special hidden gem in Zuzan, the seven-colored Mihrab, Semicircular niche. Then head toward Torbat Heydariyeh. Visit Khargerd Ghiasieh School, one of the most influential madrasas in Islamic period belonging to Timurids. then drive to birjand  familiar with tobafi –art (towel weaving).o/n in birjand.

Kharashad is a village located 5 kilometers southeast of Birjand. Towel Weaving (Tobafi) is one of the most important handicrafts in South Khorasan province. As it is the only handicraft in the province, which has been nominated for the Seal of Authenticity from the country’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

To weave the fabric in the traditional way, Tobafi first supplies raw materials such as cotton, silk or wool, and then weaves yarn. Next, boil the yarn obtained and use flour to thicken it. Then with the help of these fabrics and the weaving machine wheel, the final product is obtained. A delicate and unobtrusive product that calms the body and makes the desert climate bearable.

Day 5. Birjand/Tabas 
Visit Saffron farm in early morning. Pick up Saffron flower on your own after being taught how to pick the flower. Lay out saffron flowers on a piece of fabric to dry. Taste saffron drink next to the farm while interacting with local farmers. Enjoy Tahchin, a cooked chicken hidden inside the saffron-flavored cooked rice. Drive toward Birjand. Visit Akbariyeh Garden & Museum, one of the Persian Gardens on Iran World Heritage Sites.Head toward tabas on the way visiting Deyhuk and isfahak and korit villages .O/N

Day 6. Tabas
Morning visiting Golshan Garden a unique Persian Garden with a history of about 250 years old ,  then drive to Tabas Geopark with an area of 22771 km2, is located in the northwest of South Khorasan province, acting as a transportation highway from south and west to east and northeast of Iran in a desert area with a hot and dry climate.  This geopark includes three districts of Central, Dastgerdan, and Deyhuk. Many geologists have called Tabas the geological paradise of Iran due to its high geological richness and diversity in terms of unique geological phenomena. This geopark reflects the evolution of the planet from Precambrian (540 million years ago) to Early Cretaceous (around 100 million years ago) without the slightest interruption, while its Paleozoic successions from the first geological period (Paleozoic, 250 to 540 million years ago) are unique in Iran and west Asia. There are many cultural-historical and ecotourism attractions in Tabas Geopark, along with its considerable geotourism potential,  the ancient citadel of Tabas, the ancient Korit Dam (the oldest, tallest, and thinnest arched dam in the world), Shah Abbasi Arch, as a masterpiece of engineering and architecture of our predecessors, caravanserais, schools, mosques, and water reservoirs are part of the most prominent cultural-historical buildings of this geopark.

Day 7. Tabas /Yazd
After breakfast drive to yazd via Naein .O/N

Day 8. Yazd

City tour of yazd visiting tower of silence , Zoroastrian fire temple , Amirchakhmaq complex , old bazar and jame mosque at evening zorkhaneh .O/N

Day 9. Yazd/Shiraz

After breakfast drive to shiraz on the way visiting Abarkuh cypress and Aqzade house then passargade.O/N

Day 10. Shiraz

Full day city tour of shiraz visiting Nasir mosque , Narenjestan, Eram Garden , hafiz  tomb and Ali ibn hamzeh shrine .O/N

Day 11. Shiraz/Persepolis/Isfahan

Drive to isfahan on the way visiting Persepolis and Naqshe Rostam  .O/N

Day 12. Isfahan

City tour of isfahan visiting vank church , Naqshe jahan square , imam and sheikh lotfollah mosques ,Aliqapou palace and bazar .O/N

Day 13. Isfahan/Abyaneh/Aashan

After breakfast drive to kashan on the way visiting Abyaneh village then in kashan we will visit Fin Garden and broujerdi house Transfer to airport for departure flight .


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