Persian Jewellery And Precious Stones

Persian Jewellery And Precious Stones

Among the best souvenirs of Iran are beautiful Persian jewellery and precious stones, as well as semi-precious stones.

From rubies to turquoise, in Iran, you can find pretty jewelry made with local precious stones or you can even buy only the stones and get your jewelry made once back home.

Important turquoise mines in Iran are in Nishapur, in the province of Khorasan. Given the omnipresent blue in all possible shades in the decorations of palaces, mosques, jewelry, and house ornaments, it is easy to understand that turquoise has been used since ancient times in Persia.

According to Iranian culture, the turquoise stone bears many benefits.

Among the turquoise stone benefits, there is protection against evil eyes, accidents, and disasters. It eliminates stress and depression, brings happiness and good luck, and brings prosperity to your business, not to mention it cures pretty much every sickness.

If you are still looking for things to bring back from Iran, don’t disregard some turquoise sets, you can find different qualities, prices, and shapes.

There are many different qualities of the turquoise gemstone. The best and most expensive is the solid sky blue turquoise without the matrix and no white and black spots. Keep in mind that the white and dark spots are delicate and hard to see but if you pay very close attention, you might be able to spot them. The turquoise stones with some dark dots are not pure so be careful not to buy them overpriced.

The original turquoise gemstone wouldn’t change color in the sun, so take a picture leave the turquoise gemstone exposed, and compare it an hour later. I am aware that these tests are pretty hard to do if you are traveling, so I suggest you buy them only from official and legitimate shops. There are many fake turquoise jewelry stores and stones, so be careful.

To order any Iranian precious or semi-precious stones or Persian handmade jewelry, please feel free to contact us.


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