Persian Carpets As Favourite Iran Souvenirs

Persian Carpets As Favourite Iran Souvenirs

Persian carpets are among the favourite Iran souvenirs

Iranian carpets are very famous, both the handmade and the factory ones, this is why it’s something to consider when you are gift shopping in Iran for your relatives and close friends. If you are aiming at a quality product for a very nice present, for example, Kashan rugs are famous for their quality, keep in mind that it’s going to be a bit expensive.

One of the first factors to determine a high-quality carpet is the number of knots being used in it. As a traditional Persian carpet is handwoven on a loom, the number of knots and their density play an essential role in the carpet’s final look and quality. A high-quality Persian carpet has at least 120 knots per square inch, and the knot density can go as high as 300 knots PSI.

You can always ask the carpet sellers about the knot count, but to look more professional, you can also turn the rug over, and by way of looking at the knots, you can see their density. You must be able to easily see and track the patterns of the carpet from the back as well as the front of the carpet. Moreover, the well-organized, clean knots will show the high quality of the carpet.

The second important factor is the material. These handwoven Persian masterpieces are typically made of wool, silk, or both. Wool is the most commonly used item in Persian carpets, and its quality depends on the breed of the sheep as well as the climate and the when and how of the shearing. Silk allows more knots per square and lets the pattern be more precise, and has a shiny finish. Some of the silk carpets are made to be hung on the wall instead of the ground, like a painting. However, when it comes to strength and endurance, silk carpets are not comparable to wool carpets.

When looking for the right rug among the many at an Iranian carpet shop, it can be hard to choose. Here are some things I would recommend you keep in mind, especially if you are buying an expensive handmade Persian carpet.

  1. If you are a small family of one and two, you can choose a light colour as you won’t make it dirty often, while if you are a bigger family you should better get a darker coloured carpet so you don’t have to wash it too often as washing reduces the life of the carpet.
  2. Make sure the carpet is straight along all its sides. By folding the carpet from the middle you will see if all the edges overlap evenly.
  3. Check out the carpet in the natural light to make sure it has a smooth colour across the whole surface and to see ifits soft, flexible and shiny.
  4. To test the quality of the texture and see if the carpet is decayed or was repaired and darned, check the back of the carpet.
  5. Be sure you are buying your Persian carpet from reliable shops and have them give you a properly stamped receipt for it.
  6. Make sure the color and size match with your home decoration!

If you wish to purchase a Persian carpet, you can contact us ,and we will introduce you to carpet sellers and importers. We can also help you get your beautiful Persian carpet delivered.


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