Niayesh Hotel

Name: Niayesh Hotel

Star: 2-Star Hotel

City: Shiraz


Niayesh Hotel is located in a historical and cultural region of Shiraz. This Hotel is a chain of ten registered plaques in the form of seven buildings stretching from the beginning of 4/3 Alley on Dastgheib Street to 7 Shahzadeh Jamali Alley. It has 3 restaurants, 3 coffee shops, an art gallery, a leather workshop, a central kitchen, a laundry, and a concierge, serving guests in 6 courtyards and up on 2 roofs featuring a relaxed atmosphere with impressive views.

The history of the main building goes farther than 100 years ago when the literature Association of Shiraz was held there and the first publishing house imprinted the first newspaper in Shiraz. It went under renovation procedure in 2015. You will love the place if you are into Persian traditional architecture.

The hotel has very roomy cafes with great decorations and flower odors. Miscellaneous drinks and desserts native to the city of Shiraz are offered here such as Faloudeh Shirazi, traditional distillates and herbs.
Moreover, as this hotel is B&B, you will have a fresh breakfast every morning. It also has parking and restaurants for further convenience.



No. 10, Shahzadeh Jamali Lane, Bibi Dokhtaran Mausoleum Lane, Namazi junction, Lotfali Khan-e Zand St., Shiraz

Tel: +98-71-32233623-4, +98-902-876-0541

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