National car museum of iran

The museum is filled with 55 cars, two coaches and four motorcycles that once belonged to Iran’s royal family. Discover must-see car museum in Tehran A magnificent collection of rare classic and vintage vehicles, ranging from limousines, sports cars, carriages, and motorcycles is seen at Iran Historical Car Museum in western Tehran .


Highlights of the museum  :

the world’s only Panther-Laser car produced,

among museum valuables there are beautiful coaches especially two royal coaches i.e. the oldest royal coach of Iran that belonged to Nasereddin Shah of Qajar and the special coronation royal coach. Both coaches are made by the famous “Wagon Fabric” company of Austria.

A burnt orange Chrysler coupe, which was ordered for Soraya Esfandiari, second wife of the Shah of Iran

A 1934 Mercedes-Benz, gifted to Iran’s ex-royal family by Adolf Hitler

Ahmad Shah of Qajar’s Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce

A ‘MPV Tehran’, a bright orange single-seater that was created as the result of a collaboration between Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen.This yellow ‘MPV Tehran’ was created as a ‘gift’ to help crown prince Reza, who was then 12, learn how to drive. It has two keys. One, made of silver, limits the powerful engine to a gentle 18 miles per hour (30 kilometres per hour). The other, in gold, allows the vehicle to speed at 105 miles per hour (170 kilometres per hour)

And  the ‘jewel of the museum’, a $30,000 1930 Pierce-Arrow ‘Model A’. At the time it was bought it was the most expensive car to have ever been built in the United States. It was purchased by Reza Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty

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