In the middle of your route from Tehran to Isfahan, you will have the chance to visit Natanz, a city on the slopes of Karkas mountains and about 80 km south-east of Kashan with a clean and pleasant climate.

Due to its specific natural conditions, the tree-lined city of Natanz is one of the scenic garden-cities of the country. Green gardens of quince, pear, and pomegranate have transformed this region into a desert surrounded heaven.

Moreover, saffron cultivation near the city provides tourists the possibility of harvesting saffron like a local in autumn.

Beyond these natural beauties, the glory of its historical and cultural attractions is notable.  The sublime towering minaret of Natanz Jameh Mosque and its pyramidal dome guides all tourists to one of the unique architectural sites in the city. The mosque consists of the mausoleum of Sheikh Abd ol-Samad an eminent Shi’ite Sufi mystic of the 13th century. The complex which had been added and renewed in different eras and reflects the brilliant arts of brick working, tile working, and plasterwork. Also, ruins of a Sassanid fire temple, Afooshteh Hammam (bathhouse), as well as a Safavid caravanserai, are worth to visit.

When it comes to handicrafts and local people’s art, they are superlative. Textiles and carpet weaving, pottery, ceramics, spinning, weaving, and Charugh sewing are handicrafts of Natanz. There are some ceramics workshops that you can see the process of pottery making and tile producing and purchase valuable souvenirs.

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