Maharloo (Pink Lake)

Maharloo (Pink Lake)

Maharloo (Pink Lake)

Although Shiraz is well-known for its history, culture, Gardens and especially UNESCO’s world heritage sites, there are lots of natural attractions with a stunning view and a very photogenic phenomenon in this area.

Maharloo Lake which is known as Namak (salt) Lake by locals is considered as one those wonderful attractions because of its pink color. The water is extremely salty so there is no fish or other living creatures inside, the lake turns pink due to a high percentage of pink-colored algae.

The best time to visit is January to May when the water level is the highest and the lake hosts several kinds of birds like flamingos.

If you fly into Shiraz can witness spectacular views from above, and those on the ground can enjoy both the lake and the beautiful surrounding scenery.

This seasonal lake is located about 30 Km southeast of Shiraz you can take a half-day trip to visit, also do not miss the fabulous sunset.


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