Iranian vegetarian foods

If you are a vegetarian and planning to visit Iran, the food might be one of your biggest concerns. Many people suppose that Iranian food is all about Kebabs so finding yummy Iranian vegetarian foods is a big deal while traveling in Iran. However, this idea is not true!

we introduce you some of iran veg food in this album which you can find in restaurants as well .

Iranian rice dishes – polo

Polo or Polow is a term used for rice in Iran. Persian rice is not only boiled but steamed and cooked with different kinds of herbs, spices, and ingredients such as beans and legumes. These kind of rice are delicious and great vegetarian or vegan meal options. Adas polo ( lentil and rice ), tahchin ( Persian Saffron rice ) ,loobia polo ( Green bean rice ),Estamboli polo ( Persian tomato rice) ,zereshk polo ( barberry rice with saffron) .Bagali polo ( Persian Dill rice with fava beans ) .

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Kashke Bademjan ( Persian eggplant Dip)

Kashke Bademjan is a popular Persian aubergine dip This flavorful Iranian appetizer combines grilled or oven-roasted eggplants and kashk—a fermented by-product typically made with yogurt whey. The main ingredients are mashed until creamy, with the addition of sautéed onions, garlic, various spices such as turmeric or mint, and occasionally ground nuts.

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Kaleh josh

Kaleh joosh is a quick and simple vegetarian soup enriched with calcium and protein. It is originally from Yazd and Khorasan provinces of Iran, But it’s known all around the country and in every region the recipe has slight changes.The main ingredients for this soup are walnut and Kashk (whey), which is a thick whitish liquid similar to sour cream.

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 Ashe Reshte

(noodle ,beans ,vegetable , whey )In Iranian cuisine we have a variety of herbal green soups which are called Aash. Aash Reshteh is one of the most popular Aash that you can find almost everywhere in Iran. This Aash is a mixture of noodles and herbs and a top up special whey. So if you are vegan, don`t forget to ask it whey free.

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Falafel kebab is one of the Iranian vegetarian foods that you can find almost in every street in Iran. This food is really cheap in Iran and you can find a tasty falafel sandwich for about one dollar! Moreover, most of the falafel kebab restaurants are self served so you can fill up your sandwich with as many falafels and sides as you like! Don’t miss trying pickles with your falafel.

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Baghali Ghatogh

If you travel to Rasht or its surrounding, you can enjoy Baghali Ghatogh in most of the restaurants. This food is a famous mixture of fava beans, dills and eggs and you can have it with rice or bread.

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Mirza Ghasemi

Mirza Ghasemi, a local food for north of Iran , Smokey eggplant plus garlic, tomato and egg are what make Mirza Ghasemi a super yummy vegetarian food!What If you are vegan?! just ask it without eggs!

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khoresht bademjan ( eggplant stew )

khoresht bademjan it serve in all resturants with or without meat.

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Persian Spinach & Eggs (Nargesi)

Nargesi is a classic Persian recipe that’s made with spinach and eggs and seasoned mainly with turmeric and garlic. The eggs can be scrambled into the spinach or, as here, poached on top like when making shakshuka.

Nargesi’s origin is back in the Caspian Sea region of Iran, where produce and vegetables are abundant. Spinach is a cherished and prized leafy green that is not only eaten raw in salads but also cooked in various stews.

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Adasi, or Persian lentil soup

Adasi, or Persian lentil soup, is one of the delicious and nutritious Iranian dishes cooked with lentils, as its name implies.

This dish is one of the original Iranian dishes cooked in almost all parts of the country and is very nutritious, simple and inexpensive and is usually eaten as breakfast or snack and is not used for dinner and lunch. In some areas, in addition to lentils, onions, pastes, oils, turmeric, and spices, minced meat, potatoes, and tomatoes are also used in cooking.

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Yatimche | Persian Aubergine Stew

Yatimche is a traditional Persian food that has always kept its popularity untouched.

Having simple ingredients and simply cooked, Yatimcheh is such a tasty and widely favored dish among Iranians. The basic ingredients of this food are vegetables, and since no meat is required to cook the dish a choice for vegetarians.

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Abdoogh Khiar | Cold Cucumber & Yoghurt Soup

Abdoogh Khiar is a summer refreshing Persian summer soup. To make it you just have to mix a few simple ingredients such as plain yoghurt, cucumber, walnuts, herbs and raisins, then serve it chilled.

 The herbs used in this soup are:           

  • Radish (Torobche)
  • Chives (Piazche)
  • Basil (Reyhoon)
  • Tarragon (Tarkhoon)
  • Savoury (Merzeh)
  • Dill (Shevid)
  • Mint (Na’na)
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Naan-o Paneer-o Sabzi (Bread, Feta and Herb Platter)

Panir Sabzi is a Persian platter served with a delicious mix of fresh herbs, mint, walnuts, radishes feta cheese and flat bread. Don’t let the simplicity of this dish fool you.

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Zeytoon Parvardeh

Zeytoon Parvardeh combines pitted olives with pomegranate molasses. Ground walnuts, garlic, fresh herbs like cilantro and mint, pomegranate seeds, and generous amounts of olive oil are also is usually eaten as an appetizer or snack with lavash bread. It was ranked first among the top 50 best traditional vegan dishes in the world by TasteAtlas, an online travel guide for traditional food. 

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Kuku / Kookoo Sibzamini – Potato patties

What is Kookoo Sibzamini?

The term “Kookoo / Kuku” is given to a group vegetarian Persian dishes that are mostly made with different vegetables combined with eggs. This type of food is usually fried or baked. There are different kinds of kookoo made with different ingredients such as :

  • Kuku Sabzi – Persian herb frittata
  • Kookoo Ghandi – sweet saffron potato patties
  • Kookoo Sibzamini with Mashed Potato & Mung bean
  • Kuku Havij – Persian carrot patties
  • Kuku Kalam – Persian cauliflower patties

Kookoo Sibzamini is one of the most popular types of Kookoo with a crispy outside and a soft texture inside, mainly made with potatoes and eggs.

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Samosa /Persian Sambooseh

Sambooseh is a Piece of bread wrapped around your desired ingredients and then fried. Mostly they’re spicy, but the additives are the ones you prefer based on anyone’s personal taste. A food? or a finger food? Either way samosa is a mouthwatering dish that can be filled with vegetarian ingredients and be taken away.

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