Iranian Pistachios And Nuts

Iranian Pistachios And Nuts

Wondering what Iran is famous for? Don’t forget to try their pistachio

Pistachios are something to consider among your Iran souvenirs to take home from your trip. It is something to consider buying for yourself or friends.

They are sold in two shapes, shelled pistachios and pistachio seeds.  If you buy shelled pistachios “peste khandan“, I recommend you get “kale qoochi“, “akbari” or “ahmad aqaee” pistachios. They are some of the best types of Iranian pistachios in the market, and price is different . You can either buy it roasted, salty and sour or even raw.

Where to buy good pistachio in Iran?

Nothing easier as you will find nuts and pistachio shops everywhere in Iran. Tehran Grand Bazaar has obviously a great choice, so head to the entrance on Panzdah-e-Khordad Street  and get lost in the many nuts and pistachio shops.Tavazo Shops all over tehran and Tabriz and some cities in center of iran also are famous for nuts .

Some tips on how to buy good pistachio

  1. Ask the seller for new nuts and pistachios, meaning from the same year. Old pistachio usually doesn’t taste as good and some can have worms in the seeds.
  2. To make sure you are buying good quality pistachio, grab a handful and shake it close to your ear. If you hear the seed inside the shell is loose and moving, then it’s not a good quality because the seeds can be small or old.
  3. Ask the seller to try them before buying so you are sure about the product.
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