Iranian 3G/4G Mobile SIM Card

Iranian 3G/4G Mobile SIM Card

Using your home phone network could be expensive, so consider switching over to a local mobile SIM Card to take advantage of better deals and plans.

You don’t need to have an International SIM card when traveling to Iran, Iranian SIM card enables you to make domestic and International calls, send SMS and enjoy the fastest 4G/LTE Internet services in Iran.

Iranian operators offer good roaming rates and sell prepaid credit, which allows users to take advantage of cheap local offers and deals.

The only thing you need to do is sending us your passport scan. A Sim-Card will be delivered to you at your first location in Iran (hotel, airport transfer or by your tour guide in Iran).

After activating your SIM Card, you can use the internet services easily with high speed, message and call packages and also have a video call with your friends in your country!

Advantages of activating your Iranian telephone Sim-Card:

  1. Presenting activation code in Sim-Card package.
  2. Presenting Sim-Card user guide in 3 languages (Persian, Arabic & English).
  3. 10 EURO primary credit on Sim-Card.
  4. A welcome package that includes 3 GB high-speed internet will be activated.
  5. There will be no disconnection, deactivation or exit from normal mood while the mobile Sim-Card is activated.
  6. Sim-Card will be activated for 60 days after activation.
  7. Call center support in Persian, Arabic, English and Azerbaijani language.

Order you Sim-Card before traveling to Iran and get it at your first location (All four and five-star hotels in Tehran). 

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