Golestan national park of iran

Iran has several noteworthy national parks, and Golestan national park is probably one of the largest, if not the largest and also the finest. Situated in the highlands of the Caspian region and the steppes of Khorasan province of Northern Iran, the Golestan offers a wide spectrum of flora and fauna. Golestan national park reaches from 1000 to 1400 m above sea level.

It reaches fauna consist of 69 mammals , 150 birds, 2 amphibians and 24 Reptile.

The large animals are Persian Leopard , brown bear, jackal, Persian ibex, wolves, wild cat, Caspian Red deer, wild boar, gazelle, mountain goat, fox and coyote. The flora comprises 1365 plants, species including several endemic one such as Alma saffron, Persian Iranwood.

Golestan national park with 92,000 hectares area is a dry woodland ecosystem.

The beauty of the Golestan national park is due to the variety of nature featured, a total of wildlife habitats, deserts, steppes, lush greenery , riverine, steep rocky cliffs , hills, undulating terrain and marsh habitats.

This beautiful area and its various sceneries is the oldest national park in the country which has been protected since 1956.

The park has full four season attractions. During spring and summer and fall wildlife is best spotted in the early morning and evening.

In spring you can see lots of flowers, the biggest waterfall with about 110m high. You may see more birds.

Summer is the best time for watching birds nesting, you may have a chance to see animals with their babies, and it’s the season for wild berries.

In fall you can see the Hyrcanian autumn leaves, also see red deer through mating season and following the varieties of mushrooms.

Come to Golestan national park in winter and enjoy a truly spectacular landscapes.

The contrast with the park in summer is astonishing while snow blankets the park. You can see the animals like wild boar, pheasant in background of snow. Also it is blooming season for come endemic tress and flowers.

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