A Blend Of Tea And Culture: Gilan Tea Tour

A Blend Of Tea And Culture: Gilan Tea Tour

Gilan is one of provinces in north of Iran covered with beautiful forests and cities with clean air , to enjoy the beauty of the nature, forests, mountains and the Caspian sea. Due to some effective factors such as Alborz mountain range, neighbourhood to the sea and vegetation, it has a humid and moderate climate. The historical village of Masouleh , the Roodkhan fort and some other worth seeing places like the beautiful city of Lahijan, tea and rice fields , citrus gardens, forest zones, Anzali lagoon and so on are seen in this green province of Iran.

Lahijan city is famous for tea fields Although the tradition of drinking imported tea (mostly from India and China) among some groups of people in Iran trace back to the end of 15th century, the cultivation of this plant in order to market a native product was actually started around one century ago. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the first crop of Iranian tea was produced and sold on the local market. The reliable documents indicate that the tea plantations in Iran were firstly set up by Mohammad Mirza Kashefolsaltaneh (MMK) in Lahijan, a region in the northern province of Gilan between 1895 and 1902. At the time, MMK was about 30 years old and he was working as an officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

This day tour gives you a look into how the newer factories function. chaichi roshan bahar Tea Factory specializes in producing some of the finest single origin tea in lahijan ,iran and has been doing so for the past 45 years. The factory stands as one of the largest tea factories in the region of lahijan.


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