Garmeh Village

Garmeh Village: A Beautiful Village in Central Desert of Iran

is an oasis located in the central desert of Iran, (known as Dasht-e-Kavir in Persian). Garmeh is in east of Isfahan Province, and located at south of the  is 750 meters above sea level and has a hot and dry climate because of proximity to desert.

The documented history of human settlement in the area is as far back as 4000 years but there exists some relatively reliable evidence that suggests human habitation as far back as 7000 years.

During more recent historical times (from about 2000 years ago), the oasis was placed on the main route of the famous Silk Road and therefore the main trading route between China and Europe. Consequently many travelers have passed through the area.

A famous Persian poet, philosopher and adventurer by the name of Nasir Khusraw passed through the area about 950 years ago and has mentioned the area in his travel writing. As an example of the more well-known European travelers of the last few centuries, one can mention the names of Seven Hedin and Alfonse Gabriel who visited Garmeh about a century ago.

The village is home to extremely beautiful palm groves and a pond encircled by tall palm trees. A castle dating back to the Sassanid Empire in the heart of the village is among other tourist attractions have turned Garmeh Village to a tourist spot for nature lovers.

. Like any other villages neighboring the desert, the population of this village has decreased throughout the years and only about 200 people still live there. The residents of the village speak in middle Persian language called Pahlavi.

Speaking of Garmeh, another name that comes to mind is Ateshooni. This is a family-run guest house built by Maziar Aledavood, who renovated his paternal house to host up to 60 guests, offering a taste of life in the desert. The guest house also offers some tours including safari and camping under the starry sky of the desert. In the dialect spoken by the locals, ‘ateshooni’ means a gathering around the fire at night, and this is what the hosts mean to offer. As you enjoy this nocturnal gathering, Maziar, accompanied by some others, plays local music for you so that he may help you keep the song of the desert in your mind.

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