Driving into Iran

Driving into Iran

Driving into Iran – How to drive your private car into Iran

Iran shares borders with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan & Nakhchivan, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

For entering Iran by car, You need to satisfy some requirements as follows :

1-You need international driver’s license

2- You need an international plate number

3- Car insurance

4- car documents and identification information.

5- And You need a Carne De Passage at the border

There are two options:


Driving into Iran: Option 1 – Carnet de Passage

A Carnet de Passage is basically like a deposit held by an independent company. The country in question does not want you to import the vehicle (sell it while you are there) and so with the large deposit held independently they are safe in the knowledge that you will lose money if you sell the car. For you to receive your deposit back the AA/RAC etc must have an exit stamp on your carnet from the country/countries in question. If you have all the stamps then you receive your deposit back. You will not get a stamp unless you exit that country with the same vehicle. Most countries in the world do not require a vehicle to have a carnet de passage and is maybe why you haven’t heard of it. There are some countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria etc that do require one.

Once a car is registered in your name, it is important that the car owner is driving or at least there with a passport, then you must fill out the paper work with the RAC in France or the closest automobile association in your country. The AA in the UK from 1st Jan 2016 no longer does Carnet’s because it was losing money on them. There are different categories but Iran is one of the highest and is category 4. This means that you must put 4 times, yes four times, the value of the car on deposit which is quite a chunk of change. Even for a cheap car worth $2,000 you need to put $8,000 on hold until you return your stamped carnet. Not exactly a great option.


Driving into Iran: Option 2 – Admission at the border

Temporary Carnet de Passage at Iranian border

if you want to avoid all the difficulties of getting that in your home country we have solution for those who are interested to enter into Iran without Carnet de Passage which is possible by using this specific and exclusive service.

Those travelers who wants to come and visit Iran by their own vehicle and might want to get the temporary “Carnet de Passage” at the Iranian border. We can provide official customs document which is 100% legal and approved by department of customs of the Islamic republic of Iran. With our provided document you can get your vehicle into and out of country. You must keep the document until your exit point because it is necessary for you to have them when you are traveling in Iran and when you want to leave Iran, By using this service you don’t need to put security deposit which normally you would pay if you intend to get “Carnet de Passage” in your home country, so that, you just simply pay the fee for this service and in return you will have the provided necessary official document. This service helps you to save time and money usually spend by arranging the “Carnet de Passage” in your home country. To start the process you should send some documents to us, therefore, first of all you should make contact with us at least few weeks prior to your arrival. The procedure is as following :  our agent will be waiting for you at your point of entry into Iran to do the process on the agreed date and provide you with all the necessary documents (Please note doing the process depending on the traffic at the border will take a few hours, therefore, you should be patient).


Do I need a guide?

Some foreigners prefer to visit Iran with their own vehicle and you must know that people in iran are crazy drivers . Crazy is probably the one word most tourists would use to describe the way Iranian people are driving in this country. To the foreign eye, it seems there are no traffic rules and streets are dominated by anarchy, where everyone just does what they feel like.

The guide is necessary and mandatory for the US, UK, and Canada. If you are from these three regions you cannot drive without a guide. But for other nationalities it depends to situation in iran.

If you need hotel booking during your journey with your car in iran we can offer you hotel with parking in all cities  .

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