Babak Fort

Babak Fort

Babak Fort or Babak Castle is a great citadel and architectural masterpiece on the top of a mountain. The fort is located southwest of Kaleybar City in northwestern of Iran. It takes about three hours to reach from Tabriz by car.

This Sasanid fort, named after Bābak Khorramdin the Iranian warlord, managed to resist the Arab armies until 839CE.  He was the leader of the Khurramites in Azerbaijan who fought the Abbassid Islamic caliphate.

About 22 years the fort was unavailable and resisted against Arabs, because of these events Babak Fort is also known as the Republic Castle or Immortal Castle.

This high fort lies at an altitude of 2,300m from the sea, and its building includes two and three-story structures.  So there are a major hall, several rooms, corridors, and a water cistern.

In order to reach the fort, you can climb a narrow rocky path and several rough steps. Because of its location, you should not be alone. Check the weather conditions in advance since climbing can be dangerous in a windy or rainy day. Make sure you have plenty of water because you will reach the hill for nearly three hours. 

Access is difficult, but the unique experience of visiting a historical fort, the fabulous scenery of Arasbaran forest and surrounding silent mountains make the arduous climb enjoyable.

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