Aladaglar ( Iran colorful mountains)

Aladaglar ( Iran colorful mountains)

The Aladaglar is the Azari Turkish name of the rainbow-like mountains and hills in the East-Azerbaijan province of iran. Ala in Turkish means colorful and Dag also means mountain.these natural mountains and hills are tucked into the northwest of Iran, 25 kilometers in the northeast of Tabriz between Ahar and Khajeh. Along the road of Ahar-Tabriz, the landscape begins to switch step by step. Passing the city of Tabriz, an eye-catching mountain chain of the Aladaglar appears that is painted with hues of copper, red, yellow, green, and orange. The highest point is Mount Belqeys, which is located 3300 meters above sea level. You can also see it when drive from zanjan to Tabriz  .the area is about 70 square kilometers .

These phenomenal mountains are a spectacular and delightful place for those who are nature photography enthusiasts. We highly recommend them to take a road trip to Eastern-Azerbaijan province (Tabriz) to experience these parts of the world. This journey starts when you explore through these breathtaking, colorful mountains on foot. These landscapes are so rare and weird that giving the hallucination of being on another planet. There are a few places on earth that you can visit these dazzling painted mountains, such as Zhangye National Geopark in China and Ausangate mountains in Peru.


The reason for the color of Aladaglar mountains iran

Mahneshan city is full of minerals. This factor has led to the construction of a large number of factories with mining activities in it. According to geologists, the cause of this beautiful phenomenon dates back to 15 million years ago. In the process of forming mountains and continental basins of this region, there were iron sediments. The change of solutes and their type in the color of the sediments has stabilized and caused the formation of Aladaglar mountains iran or rainbow mountains. In fact, it can be said that each of its colors indicates a specific mineral.For example, green indicates the presence of the mineral copper, which is seen due to the carbonation of this species. Their red color indicates oxidant conditions and abundance of oxygen in order to combine with oxygen. Over millions of years, the different minerals in these stones have become oxidized in such a way that they now resemble the insides of the jawbreakers.

Due to their color, especially copper and yellow, these mountains are suitable subjects for nature photography in conditions of suitable light and hot weather.  Some times, water flows through these mountains, and the sunlight in these waterways reflects the mountains in the water. In such situations, you can see the most amazing images of nature.


The impact of colors on the lives of local people

The people of the region have long witnessed the unique beauty of these mountains. This is an impact factor The transition has been on their traditions and culture. This has often been the responsibility of women. Red was mostly for representing Nowruz. To do this, they mixed the soil with water and used a thin layer of the mixture on the inner wall of their house to celebrate Nowruz. Traces of this tradition still remain among the people today. Brick houses can be found in some of its villages, which are beautifully decorated with this soil.


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